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Thrifty Traveller – How To Travel On a Budget

Mara Vaț, XI D

Summer holiday...the perfect time of the year. There is no school, no stress, just soaring high temperatures and fun. But...what will you do this summer besides going to pool parties, exploring nature, or going thrifting like all the Pinterest and Instagram girls? The answer is simple: it is travelling season. Whether you go with your family on a trip or on a city break with your friends, now is the time to do so.

Unfortunately, travelling on a budget is quite hard. Travellers are feeling the squeeze. Rising prices due to inflation, employment shortages, and supply chain slowdowns are hitting the travel industry, just as summer travel planning — compounded by pent-up demand — peaks.

So, we decided on giving you a guide: thrifty strategies, and tips that could provide a return on that investment. For this article, we found many tips through the site

1. Choose your destination carefully

Some places are naturally more expensive or cheaper than where you call home. My first tip for travelling on a budget is to research places that are good for travelling on a budget. Perhaps it is somewhere cheap and easy to get to, somewhere where the currency gets you good value because of the exchange rate, or somewhere that has a lower cost of living than home!

2. Choose your travelling method

For many tourists, going on a trip could be troublesome for both their health and pockets. Instead, personal vehicles can be used for trips (ex. car, caravans or even bicycles, if the location permits) or the cheapest alternative - going by train.

3. Use Skyscanner to find the cheapest flight deals is the easiest way to find cheap flights between countries! Simply put in your home airport/country and your destination and you can see what is available on specific dates, or across a whole month if you’re able to be flexible. There are also other sites that can search for cheap flights/rides.

4. Pack well

Finally, pack light. You won’t wear half the clothes you want to take, and it’ll only cost you more in baggage to bring more than you need. However, one of the most important tips for travelling on a budget is that it’s important to check that you take everything you need, not forgetting anything! If you forget something, it could cost a lot of money to buy that essential missing item when you’re abroad. Not only that but airports enforce fees for luggage that are heavier (depends on location).


While looking for offers I came across a page on Facebook called Aventurescu. There I found the cheapest options from all over the world. They not only include the transport and the hotel fees but they can also show you when the cheapest holiday dates will be. Some even have tours included (which I highly recommend, tours can be quite expensive and can add up to your budget).

Overall, wherever you are going, in your own country or another continent, be sure to remain safe and choose the smartest option possible. Not everyone can afford luxury trips, and that is fine. A good trip means enjoying yourself, exploring, and learning. Of course, these past couple of years have been isolating us, and travelling has not been too much of an option. Now is the time to break out of that shell, find a cool destination that won’t break the bank, and have fun!

Good luck this summer, keep reading and we will see you next school year folks!

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