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Why Should I Write?

Introducing a not-so-new form of relief and creativity, writing has been with us since the 4th millennium BCE and ever since then, it has only gotten better. Authors, philosophers and general people used it to write letters, informative books and tell beautiful stories through writing. Others have used it for relaxation of one’s mind and soul, but a standard of intelligence shall remain. 

Then again, the question of “Why should I write?” still stands. Well firstly, I think of writing as one of the body’s processes of recreation. As a form of nature that can somehow crawl inside our heads, reach out to  the brain and say “Hey, this is not a report or essay you are writing, so take it slow.” And this exactly is the phrase that calms down a person and lets their creativity spur down on paper. It makes a person more confident to know that they are not in any hurry nor have any kind of restrictions on what they write. They are simply free. 

More on this subject can be said through going to the cinema or reading a book - people have written both, whether they were experienced or not, shamelessly sharing their inner thoughts and bits of themselves with the world… so why couldn’t you? 

Personally, my favourite form of writing is storytelling. Through screenwriting, prose and poetry, a person can let out their emotions and whatever calm or violent thoughts on paper through unique stories, strong connections of characters, descriptions of beautiful sceneries, words and rhymes to build their own story or feeling. 

To conclude with, writing is simply the best. I genuinely think that while writing, the mind of a person can just fly away into the unknown and explore the vast sceneries and characters that do not exist, yet. To sum everything up in a quote I like: “Imagination is your only limit”.

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