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Music - The Only Universal Language

Alexia Firca, XI A

I always think about how throughout history, every civilisation has created its own way of living. Every place on this planet has original languages, traditions, medicines, clothing, and more. Each of these aspects is different everywhere. However, there is one thing that, although not identical, has many similar aspects - music.

There is no culture without music. Of course, it is going to be different from place to place. However, it's been created for the same purposes and based on the same idea everywhere. Ask yourself: why do you listen to music? Because you enjoy it! Its main purpose is enjoyment or relaxation, maybe a way to take your mind off some things. Well, everyone can relate to this and when I say everyone I really mean everybody on this planet. Not only that but, music has always been used as a way of communication and expressing feelings. You might not know how to tell someone you love them, but surely you can play a song that does that. I could even say that music is a universal language, because, it goes beyond words themselves.

It is quite intriguing to look at its evolution as well. Music probably started by humming some words to the rhythm made by hitting a piece of wood. Not only did the instruments evolve at the same pace as other technologies, but also the voice ranges and abilities. Moreover, with the advancement of technology and means of communication worldwide, traditions regarding music are also intersecting, creating new genres, as well as bringing people from different parts of the world together.

To conclude with, music being part of everyone's life, from the beginning of time is one of the best ways of showing that we are not so different after all and there are so many things connecting all humans.


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