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About Us

Our team is comprised of several distinctive people. With great writing skills, cooperation and motivation, we are here to deliver you the news. To be precise, twenty-nine people and one very supportive coordinator have joined together to give a little spark to this institution and maybe teach you some things. Our goal is to engage with the students at "Moise Nicoara" National College and create a strong community through our articles. 

The project started back in March 2022 and the article writing began soon after that. Every day was a new day to work on our project, site updates, and checking the articles over and over again until we were content with the finished product and ready to announce the big news.

With such a diverse group of people, from 5th grade to the higher levels of high school, we bring a unique perspective to our work.
With that, we hope that you enjoy reading our articles and support us through our progress. Make sure to keep an eye out for new articles, since we are not the typical insipid newspaper.

Moise's Editorial Team

Coordinator: prof. dr. Vanda Stan

Editor-in-chief: Maia Popa

Editorial Staff

Extra-curricular clubs: Daria Bonca, Mara Vaț, Elena Dobrei

Events: Alessia Zoldi, Sara Mos, Arianna Pal (past contributor)

Local News: Alexandru Coiov

Student Advice: , Raluca Cozmi, Maria Pătcas (past contributor), Sara Lucaci (past contributor), Iasmina Craveanu (past contributor), Alexandra Muntianu (past contributor)

Sports: Gazdovici Adalbert Horia

Social & School Issues: Eva Guțu, Cătălina Cîrnațu, Eric Duma, Miruna Demian (past contributor), Teodora Gudea, Daria Iuga, Sara Vesa

Miscellaneous:  Anamaria But (past contributor), Irina Ivașcu (past contributor), Ava Brânzan, Dragos Geicu, Maria Miutescu, Delia But, Alexandru Sacui, Balogh Timea


Website Developers: Krajczar David (past contributor), Floarea Raul (past contributor)

Graphic Designers: Eva Gutu, Timea , Madalina Tripon, Miruna Demian (past contributor), Jesyca Nikola (past contributor), Cezara Amafteesei (past contributor), Denisa Trifa

Photographers: Luca Palcu (past contributor), Alessia Zoldi

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