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The Reading List - Heretics Anonymous

Mara Vaț, 10D

If you think of picking up a book that has too much dark humour, mentions too much of the term “holy spirit” and also has a cute scene where the girl gives the boyfriend her annotated Bible, then this is the book for you.

The book that I choose for this topic is Katie Henry’s “divine comedy” Heretics Anonymous. It gained attention as a debut novel. Not only will this book put you in a better mental state, but it will also make you understand a strict Catholic household.

The story follows the life of Michael, the new kid in town. He is used to moving from place to place, as his dad works at an important company. For him, this issue is a never-ending story. But when he started attending this strict Catholic school, everything changed. There he finds a purpose, a group of friends, a place where he fits and belongs.

I chose this book for its unique writing style, the inside jokes, and its clear messages. Henry’s story focuses on how corrupted the “society”, portrayed by the school, truly is. It not only talks about political issues, but it touches on a controversial topic: religion. I loved Henry’s way with words with which he described the character and the surroundings. The cast was lovable, diverse, and overall realistic and relatable. Each person has come from different social backgrounds, from different religious backgrounds, sexual orientations, nationalities, and the topic of family.

While reading, I found myself relating the most to the main character, Michael. He presents himself as an atheist, that doesn’t care about religion. He is very open-minded and wants to learn about how people dedicate their lives to God and why this system is so corrupted. He has a strong sense of justice, and he feels like a reliable and funny person. As for his behaviour, I will say he has a unique way. He is short-tempered, and he bottles up his emotions as a coping mechanism. He is sometimes acting up, but it builds his character and gives him a unique charm. He has a bad relationship with his family, as his dad works all the time, his mom is absent as well, and his little sister is a brilliant social butterfly that is not the best listener. He is cocky and thinks he has an answer for any remark. He acts selfishly, and talks arrogantly in an ironic manner.

Even though he seems a generic and awful character, he is, in actuality, funny and lovable. Henry’s comedian side peeked with this character. He is wise, even though he is ironic most of the time. This element made him ten times more hilarious.

I would highly recommend reading this book. It has a lovable cast and humour but it will also give you an insight into how these “boundaries” could destroy humanity, overall corrupting our system. Not only can the pre-requisite attract a larger audience (the main target being high schoolers), but it encourages us to expand our boundaries, as well as giving us a hint of sarcasm.

Now, even if not everyone likes reading, this is a quick and easy story that could open your eyes to how religion and politics may go hand in hand.

Hope you try it, keep reading folks!!

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