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"Sound of Metal" - a Movie Review

Teodora Gudea, IX A

If you work hard enough, you will definitely succeed; that is something we all can probably agree upon. However, what most of us usually don't take into consideration is that one day, you can lose everything in the glimpse of an eye, a fleeting moment, and if you work even harder, you can realize that "everything" is actually nothing.

"Sound of Metal" follows the story of a drummer beginning to lose his hearing and having to come to grips with a future filled with nothing but silence. I've seen many movies addressing the subject of change, but never quite like this.

There is a moment about 10 minutes into the film when Ruben, the main character, is at a hearing specialist's office, who explains to him that the majority of his hearing is gone, and all his efforts at that moment should be dedicated to preserving what was left.

The movie smash cuts to the drummer performing at another concert that very night, seemingly disregarding the advice. It's a stunning depiction of that innate human desire to maintain normality, to act like nothing's wrong, to carry on as though everything is fine.

That is ultimately what the film spends most of its time navigating: the impact of that desire and the consequences. When something devastating happens, you could do everything you can to go back to your old life or accept your new one.

As his condition worsens, the protagonist watches as the people he loves and relies on slowly distance themselves from him.

One of the most devastating parts of life is not being able to get back to the happiness you once had, especially if it involves the people who were once close to you. Feeling that joy slipping through your fingers and slowly getting to understand that time cannot rewind and only moves forward, all without your consent. This is a crushing look at the fight against time and change, but it's also hopeful, and eventually peaceful.

Despite the fantastic character development and amazing plot, the most touching part of this movie would definitely be the finale. The ending is so simple, yet so authentic and impactful, I couldn't ask for a better one.

For me, "Sound of Metal" is a cinematic masterpiece, compassionately capturing the fragility of daily existence. It carefully depicts a feeling we have all probably experienced, but never quite managed to explain, proving that silence can be louder than any of us would have ever imagined.

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