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October Fashion Agenda

Mara Vat, 11D

Fall time, that wonderful season when we have to pull out our jumpers, have a pumpkin spice latte from our favourite overpriced local coffee shop, and enter our seasonal depression. But, as we entered the time of “we fell in love in October’’, we encountered many trends and quote-in-quote fashion surges.

Yes, I know, it sounds like a trashy magazine from 2009, but, through this article, we will talk about how to style, which pieces you should pick out, and have an extra section for this spooky special.

Personally, this fall hasn’t been focused on trends as much as other years or seasons. Now, many of us have encountered this term before: from the infamous dark academia, grunge, and preppy, all the way to twilight core, and rockstar’s girlfriend. These aesthetics have been long and behold part of forming trends for each season. Unfortunately, aside from having an unintentionally unwanted effect of creating superficial personas among teenagers, aesthetics have limited one’s traits and taste in fashion. Surprisingly, these trends have been toned down, only one aesthetic being mentioned, that being ‘downtown girl’.

This fall, everyone wants and has already started experimenting and finding their new styles. So, let's begin our lists.

New mix & match

As mentioned, everyone, including the ‘Pinterest girls’, has posted numerous outfits, each with its outstanding and unique kick to it. Fashion should and already has no rules, and this fall, we are mixing & matching. From feminine plaid skirts and delicate blouses, all the way to the addition of cargo/parachute pants and puffer vests, fashion has seen a rise in terms of silhouettes, textures, and styles.

some great examples:

· low-waisted cargo paired with neutral tones and long sleeves

· both mini and maxi/midi skirts are paired with zip-ups

· matchings colour-blocking sets

· ties and skinny scarves are used as statement accessories

Sweater weather

You all knew this was coming!! Yes, sweaters, specifically croche and cable-knit sweaters have been essential for these neverending temperature changes. They are great paired up with simple jeans, or, through layering, can help turn a rather summery piece, such as a skirt or dress, into something more appropriate to the chilly weather.

Don’t be shy, accessorize

As the title suggests, accessories have been playing quite a role these days. From the infamous Vivienne Westwood orb necklaces to funky and bizarre glass and metal pendants, fashion icons have been styling them all. Not only that but statement belts, jewellery, sunglasses, and hats, especially beanies have been well-loved on social platforms. We can also add to the list skinny scarves and boleros, one of my new favourite pieces as it reminds me of the horrible years I spent in a tutu (like if you are an ex-ballerina).

Thrift. Restyle. Repeat.

For this section, we will talk about how second-hand shopping and reusing clothes may be the key to a more sustainable life. As a fashion lover and loyal thrift customer, I encourage people to try thrifting for themselves. For the past 2 years, we have been subjected to what we call overconsumption, which comes from the number of microtrends we consume, as well as how much of those trends we throw out. Now, influencers over social media platforms have styled preloved items into amazing fits. Personally, you can find items that no one then you have and create your personal style. From basic to elevated pieces, local second-hand stores are the place to go when it comes to bargaining. My suggestions are to look out for:

· vests-either with matching pants/skirts

· jackets (leather, moto, denim)

· plaid, silk, corduroy, and leather as key fabrics

Wishlist items because we need to stay on the budget

After seeing how Bella Hadid managed to influence me into finally looking for Adidas Black Sambas, I said to also add a small section for ‘maybe using my college fund to buy this wishlist’: Dr. Martens x Heaven loafers, Uggs Boston Blocks, black kilts, ballet flats, and corsets.

Spooky season

Now, for our October-appropriate outfits, we have some ideas:

· the usual which, cat, devil, vampire option

· the Plastics or the Heathers

· Amy Dunne from Gone girl or Jennifer from Jennifer’s Body for if you want to be bloody

· Lily-Rose Depp in that one Channel dress

· Cartoon characters(Daphne, Raven, Starfire, Barbie, Winx fairies, etc.)

· Race car driver

Well, that concludes our fall 2022 fashion review. Hope we gave you some inspiration. Don’t forget, to keep reading folks!

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