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My “Moise Journey”: A Blend of Nerves, Friendships, and Self-Discovery

Eva Guțu, XII A


High school is often depicted as a whirlwind of academic pressures, social dynamics, and personal growth. Reflecting on my last four years, I can attest that this period has been a mix of healthy and unhealthy nerves, occasional escapades, and cherished self-made traditions like the monthly Saturday sushi outings after long school days. This journey was marked not by an abundance of extracurricular activities but by meaningful engagements and deep relationships that have shaped me profoundly.


Memorable Moments

One of the most vivid memories of my high school years revolves around the palpable tension before tests. The pre-test nerves were a constant companion, yet, they were a testament to my dedication and the high standards I set for myself. Balancing this academic stress were moments of rebellion and camaraderie, like the occasional class skipping—a rite of passage for many high school students—and our weekly tradition of eating sushi on Saturdays. These outings were not just a break from routine but a celebration of friendship and shared exhaustion after demanding school weeks.


Engaging in School Life

While I did not immerse myself in a plethora of extracurricular activities, the ones I chose were significant and enriching. Being a part of the editorial and design team for our school's official magazine was an incredibly fulfilling experience. It allowed me to explore my creative side, collaborate with peers, and contribute to something representing our collective voice while finding and developing my own. Additionally, my involvement in yearly volunteering at the school’s open doors day offered a chance to introduce eager parents and children to put “Moise Nicoară” heritage and connect with prospective students through interactive workshops.


Academic Preferences and Influences

My academic journey was greatly influenced by two subjects: English and Geography. The English class, in particular, became a sanctuary. Our small group of students and our remarkable teacher created an environment where we bonded deeply. Our teacher's ability to gauge when to challenge us, when to give helpful advice or listen to us, and when to ease the pressure fostered a supportive and inspiring learning atmosphere. Geography classes, on the other hand, were always lively and relaxed, yet stimulating all together. Our teacher's humour and approachability made learning a joy, and mutual respect and cooperation in the classroom were omnipresent.


Overcoming Challenges

Despite the enriching experiences, high school did not lack its challenges. The rigorous academic demands often left me feeling overwhelmed. I take pride in being a diligent student with good time management skills, but the sheer volume of work sometimes proved too much. These moments of mental exhaustion taught me resilience and the importance of balance. They also highlighted the need for self-care and the value of seeking support when necessary (which my lovely friends offered on every occasion).


Achievements and Growth

Among my proudest achievements during these four years is discovering my true calling and securing a place in a good university. Passing important exams with flying colours and building an extensive portfolio that showcased my skills and passions was a significant milestone. Equally important were the friendships and connections I cultivated with classmates and teachers, for these relationships were monumental in my personal and intellectual growth.


Personal Development and Lessons Learned

High school was more intellectually stimulating than transformative in terms of personal development. Guidance and support were sometimes scarce, making self-reliance a default mode. However, this period taught me the critical lesson that seeking help and offering support in return are vital aspects of growth. I learned the value of interdependence through my relationships with passionate friends and knowledgeable teachers, realizing that strength often lies in community and mutual support.



In essence, my high school years at “Moise Nicoară” National College were a carefully woven tapestry of nerves, friendships, and self-discovery. They were marked by memorable traditions, significant engagements, academic challenges, and profound lessons in resilience and interdependence. As I move forward, I carry with me the experiences and relationships that have shaped me, ready to embrace the future with confidence and an open heart.

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