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Moise’s Legacy

Maia Popa, XII A

When the concept of “Moise’s Insight” first started forming in my mind, it was merely a hazy, blurred outline of something that could be. I wanted to be a seeker of truth, of liberation. I strived to break the shackles of the underrepresented, to free the voices that long to be heard, to release the minds from the incessant propaganda and the bottled dreams sold with fake hopes.

 Now, two years later and 13 issues later, we have formed a community, a united means of expression, of gathering information from diligent students who make sure to write the best and only the best. We have taken interviews, spent hours researching political wars or the best tips and tricks to share with our peers and discussing the next articles to write, ideas sprouting and blooming gradually before our eyes.

As many students of the initial team of “Moise’s Insight” are reaching the end of their high school academic journey, we have decided to prepare a special issue for the month of May, sharing a few pieces of advice for the upcoming generations and our final thoughts before heading off to university, hoping to remain in the brilliant minds of future students.

Eric Duma, XII A, aiming to specialize in Politics, says: “For me, ‘Moise’s Insight’ was a way of bringing social and political news to students in a ‘funnier’ and more tangible way. In addition, I relished our meetings and our brainstorming sessions (which would happen spontaneously). I developed my writing skills through the many articles that I have written, and I wish that more students would join the newspaper, or at least send an article/poem.”

Alex Coiov, XII A, gives a similar take: “Moise’s Insight is a community, a creative outlet, and an intriguing initiative which I hope to spur similar endeavours in the future. It is a good showcase of unique perspectives and ideas, a true role model.”

Eva Gutu, XII, thinks that “the newspaper was a beautiful experience where I could write about what I like. It is a place where I collaborated with amazing people and where I could learn about new things from every article. I managed to be part of both the editorial team and the design team and I can say that it helped me develop my skills in writing and also public engagement.”

If there is one thing that I have personally learnt from this experience, it’s the importance of news.

Staying informed and educated is vital in today’s world – whether it be reading an article a day or watching the news every two days, keeping up with the world’s latest occurrings is essential in distinguishing what is real and what is fake and gaining the critical skills necessary to form an opinion.

As the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the school’s newspaper, I cannot but hope for an even brighter (and hopefully longlived) future for “Moise’s Insight”. With the help of our coordinating teacher, prof. dr. Vanda Stan (to whom I owe loads of thanks for making a dream come true), we have worked assiduously each month to prepare a new issue, hoping to leave a footprint on the student body. After two years of spending time writing, editing and mending articles, coordinating a team of over 20 writers, graphic designers, IT specialists and marketing managers, leaving the community that I created is no easy feat. However, I hope that our continued efforts over the years will inspire more people to join, to share their ideas and ensure that “Moise’s” students remain informed and up to date.

As this article marks my final words as the Editor-in-Chief, I’d like to leave off with a quote that never fails to inspire me: “Per aspera ad astra.” – Through adversity to the stars. No matter what you are dealing with, or what struggles you might be facing, know that there is always a silver lining, a path guiding you to the stars; and “Moise’s Insight” will always be a mirror of you, ready to help you find that golden path.

Much, much love,


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