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Halloween Foods

Elena Dobrei, 10E

In keeping with the Shakespearean tradition that every tragedy requires its clown, we also get to meet one of Susie's grandmothers (Susan Sarandon), a reckless drinker who enters the scene to provide hard-boiled comedic relief. She's good, too, I suppose. Jackson is to blame for the entire movie.

It comes as no surprise that the majority—no, all—of Halloween-related meals are sugary. From pastries to candy, there are just some foods that are associated with the Halloween occasion, and for decades, they have been a staple in many people's menu plans as the month of October approaches. Although they may not be everyone's favourites, these delicacies are the ones that are most closely linked to the scary season, which is why they tend to appear on everyone's radar at this time of year. If any of these are on your counter or in your pantry throughout the month of October, there is no question that you are celebrating Halloween.

Not every item on this list is candy, so don't worry. Traditionally, making one's own confectionery would be more authentic; nevertheless, in the opinion of renowned chef Ina Garten, "store-bought is perfectly fine." These are all the dishes that have only ever been connected to one holiday, from Halloween favourites to harvest mainstays.

1. Caramel Apples

Caramel apples are a time-honored staple when it comes to Halloween foods but these delicious treats have been popular all on their own throughout the autumn season, period.

2. Apple Bread

The newest quick bread on the scene is apple bread, which also comes in many forms. While banana bread has held its fame thus far, apple bread is coming in fast to take center stage once August is over.

It seems that apple bread and muffins are the first to start stocking the shelves of bakeries all over the world as soon as the apple season begins. This delectable bread comes in a variety of flavours and may even be made gluten-free. The fresh apples are the most crucial component, although other toppings like frosting and strudel are also well-liked. Nothing says autumn like apple bread, but nothing says Halloween like a fresh basket of apples, and it's also super simple to make.

3. Candy Corn

This is one candy that people feel very strongly about. Candy corn is something that people either love entirely or completely despise and there is no in-between.

While this candy corn's primary ingredient is just sugar, many people adore its orange, white, and yellow colouring, which, spoiler alert, when laid flat resembles corn kernels. In fact, if you were to buy a corn cob and insert some of these in place of the kernels, they would fit almost perfectly, albeit the resulting flavour profile would be offensive and strange. Therefore, despite the fact that the candy itself has nothing to do with corn flavouring, the shape is directly related to the autumnal produce.

4. Caramel Corn

While it can be fun to make at home, most people are perfectly satisfied just grabbing a bag of caramel corn from the supermarket or candy store. Despite the fact that it is popcorn, caramel corn is essential candy.

There are some who will eat this by the handful, with a foundation of salty, buttery popcorn and a thick coating of caramel to offer a highly sweet flavour. However, Halloween is also strongly connected to it. The fact that it's a common snack during Halloween parties and gatherings, which has made it synonymous with the macabre holiday, is probably the cause of this.

5. Pumpkin Bread

Are you surprised that pumpkin pie wasn't on here? Traditionally, anything with cooked pumpkin is associated with the following month's holiday - Thanksgiving - but not pumpkin bread. This quick bread (no yeast) has become increasingly popular and for good reason: It's absolutely delicious.

It's a fantastic option for breakfast or dessert and is also incredibly simple to make with some canned pumpkin and basic pantry ingredients. Traditionally, this bread is topped with pumpkin seeds, however powdered sugar or icing is also frequently used in place of the seeds for people who can't or don't like them.

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