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Classy, Trendy Clothes, Made by One of Us

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Maia Popa, 10A

Image by Flavia Ardelean

It has become increasingly difficult these days to find your style and stick to it, as well as add a drop of originality to it. Jesyca Nikola, a student from 11th grade, has been designing clothes and sewing them with her own nimble hands for a year now in order to provide teenagers with something trendy and unique to wear.

The origins of her business lie in her life-long passion for clothes and fashion. “At first, the clothes I was making were solely for me, but after my friends started asking me where I had bought them, I decided to start a business,” says Jesyca. She started off last summer with satin tops, then continued with satin masks during the pandemic, which were proven to be her most popular product. She now focuses her talent on “Bratz” pants and elegant velvet gloves, which cost only 40 lei, but are of the utmost quality.

Her audience is mainly teenagers, yet also those “who have the courage to express themselves through clothing,” Jesyca adds. Her clothes are specially designed not to blend in with the crowd and to give you enough confidence to get through difficult or stressful days. Jesyca’s talent can also be observed in the fact that she gets her inspiration from anything; thus, she finds art in every little thing in life and manages to convey it through fashion. Her role models are Elsa Schiaparelli, the famous Italian fashion designer, Alexander McQueen, in terms of fashion expression, and Iris van Herpen. Jesyca’s future plans include adding new tops to her clothing collection, as well as suitable pants for all sizes.

If you are interested in Jesyca Nikola’s exquisite clothes, contact her on her official business Instagram account, @jesyca.nikola, or send her a text message at 0770439186.

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