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A Moment of Relief

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Alex Coiov, 10A

On a daily basis, we’re told that we are an enormous failure by the very people we trust the most. Nowadays, the world is filled to the brim with negativity and toxicity. The Internet, a place once used for noble purposes, is now home to poisonous opinions and unexplainable, pure, and endless hatred. We are surrounded by negativity; it seems like we can never escape it. Simultaneously, there’s so much negativity out there to the point we’re forced to give in and so transform into the very people we despise. It’s indeed frightening how addictive hatred and anger can be.

I am here.

I am neither living in the future nor is my present living in the past. I am here, awake and living fully in the present moment. I am thinking. Therefore, I am alive. I am alive; therefore, I am thinking. I take a deep breath and realize that I am very much alive, thriving. I allow my exhausting thoughts to pass away and simply enjoy my own existence. I take another breath in, and I close my eyes. I open my eyes and look around me. Movement. Life. A community. MY community. Although I may sometimes feel left out or feel as if I don’t fit in, I truly belong to a place; this school. The simple fact that we are ALL in the same boat creates one of the strongest bonds ever (a bond so strong that it brings people together). We are all in this, together, and we will always be.

I am here

…and I am not going anywhere.

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