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On Stress - A Poem

Sara Vesa, IX D

Stress can be found or read off of anyone's face, or through their body language, at any given moment, no matter who they’re with or where they are.

Stress can drag you down at work, at school, in your own house, or, well, wherever you live, even when you're surrounded by people you love more than anything else in this God-forsaken world, or people you know you can trust and who can help you.

Stress cannot only bring your mental health down, but your physical health too. It can do some irreparable damage when you're not careful. Starting bad habits, that you might not have control over, is one of the many, many causes. Thus, make sure to check up on people from time to time. An eager eye, a piece of friendly advice might come in handy.

Stress can make people struggle with some things they normally wouldn't, whether they’re simple or not. Learn how to manage it! There is plenty of information online on stress management.

Stress sometimes manages to take down anyone it finds its way.

Stress is the reason a lot of people are often upset, scared, despondent, not their usual selves, or even depressed.

Stress might make people find themselves in situations they think they cannot handle. Manage stress, do not allow it to manage you!

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