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Maze In My Dreams - A Poem

Ana Raluca Michelis, V A

I have this dream every night,

It starts with a big white light.

Then, I'm in my own house,

But, something is not right.

There is a little grey mouse

The mouse is covered in blood

Not its own, that's for sure.

I start walking and spot a dog,

It's sitting outside, on a log.

I go up to it, but it disappears

And when I leave, it reappears

The house is like a maze

And my vision starts going haze.

I keep walking inside the house And I see a pink blouse

Exactly like the one I wore as a baby

On the side it has a small daisy.

There is a cat sleeping on it

It starts running and leads me to an exit I walk through it, but l'm back where I started.

And see one of my animals departed.

I scream and wake up in my own bed

I look around and the dream is disappearing from my head.

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