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Hooked on Beauty

Iuga Daria, X F

We live in a society where we are judged by appearances. Beauty standards have been a part of human culture for centuries, influencing how we perceive and define attractiveness. However, in recent years, a perfect figure has begun to emerge on social media.

Magazines, television, and most importantly, social platforms, have played a significant role in creating certain beauty standards. Advertisements often feature digitally altered images, creating unrealistic expectations for people. These images can lead individuals to believe that they must conform to a particular look to be considered beautiful. Unfortunately, teenagers fall most easily into this perfection trap which, in the majority of cases, can become the main reason for their loss of self-confidence and even lead to health problems, both physical and mental, such as eating disorders or body dysmorphia.

In reality, true beauty goes beyond physical appearance and is deeply connected to your character and positive self-image. Encouraging people around you to embrace their uniqueness and feel confident in their own skin is the most powerful antidote to the pressures of beauty standards and it truly makes a difference for those that feel affected by the emerging unachievable standards.

If you ever feel like you don't like the person you are on the outside, remember to focus on the parts you find most beautiful about yourself and highlight them in any way you like. Moreover, remember that you are more than the person you see in the mirror, and the people around you see you more than your body. Such a positive outlook can really make a positive impact on others, contributing to a more compassionate and accepting society.

To bring it all together, I believe that embracing diversity and promoting self-confidence are essential steps in redefining beauty standards for a better and more inclusive future. It's crucial to recognize that the considerable pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty ideals can be detrimental not only to individuals but also to society as a whole. One step at a time, we can all walk towards the future in which each body shape is embraced and everyone is considered beautiful in their own way.

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