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How Can I Take Care Of My Life?

Tanasă Alessia, IX E

Life does not give you lemons. Life is not meant to shine through you like the ease of making a glass of lemonade. We do not live through life to see happiness in this small world of ours. We live through life to experience it ourselves. Life is not about others, it’s about you and you only.

Sometimes I wonder if we watch the sky out of awe or wonder. Billions of galaxies and yet, they are all so far apart. I could relate this to humans but simply, human beings confuse me. To be honest, I confuse myself. I wonder if I live for others, memories, legacies. I’m not sure exactly how to live. Life is like an unfinished game, a game that has created itself. I wish I had all the answers to spare people their questions. In reality, I’m just one of the people.

I say life is a dream. Those types of dreams you can’t remember when you wake up. We live in moments just to forget in some near future. It’s a pretty lonely realization. Of course, I wish, of course, I hope, but when you truly open your mind to this place, I would think you could finally see. I write to lead people in ways they can’t explain but I cannot share with them their pasts or future.

We say no matter what happens, we aren’t alone - but take a look at yourself. No one can live the same life as you do. We are alone in this journey. No matter how many people we have by our side, no matter how much we care and love them, we go through life in our own complex ways. We are alone with our minds, our hopes and our dreams. The past does not move with us, the future is ahead and that is our destination. Tomorrow and so forth is where we’re going, not yesterday or the days before but the days ahead. And someday, we will lose the ones we love. That is inevitably true. But when they’re gone, we will still live this life we have


People are their own stories. You are your own story and you should live up to that. I am not a higher being, no one is. When people tell you what to do it’s based on their own experiences and pasts, subsequently why do we listen to them? Shouldn’t we make our own experiences and learn from ourselves?

As I mentioned before, we are just people in a small world. Listen to yourself and find your truth. No one should take that away from you. And the moon shines, creating a path in this dark night. Find your light and just maybe everything will be alright!


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