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High School Profiles and What to Expect

Sara Lucaci, XI F

Facing high school years comes with many decisions and maturity. We all said at one point What does a 14-year-old know about choosing his career and future? As terrifying as it may seem, choosing a high school profile is not something that decides our whole life.

It is vital to keep in mind that gradual changes can be made at any time. Of course there exists the possibility that the profile you chose may not fulfil your expectations and wishes. However, it is never too late to change your mind, yet it is best to contemplate and think thoroughly about your choice. Keep in mind that your university path is not influenced by your high school profile, as a great number of students pursue a different career than what they have studied in high school.

So what does an eight-grader, or someone who is planning a move, exactly need to know in order to find the option that best suits himself?

Science Profile

Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Maths. You may have heard people saying that science is only for the ones who are going to study medicine. These rumours are not entirely true. To be sure that an important number of science students continue with medicine, but that is not the case for all. Moreover, only lately has this profile led to the medical path as previously it was and it still is

the foundation for ANY MAJOR IN UNIVERSITY.

Personally, I consider the science profile the perfect one for the puzzled ones, as you learn a decent amount of every subject, not necessarily focusing on biology, chemistry and so on. I believe that with this profile you can discover far more easily what attracts you, making it much more simple to choose a university, while also benefitting from a most complex education.

One of the most sought-after profiles in the last 30 years is Sciences with English Bilingual, since it provides the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the English language, as it provides 5 hours of English a week plus an additional hour of England's Geography/England's History/British Culture and Civilization in 9th, 10th and 11th grade respectively. since it prepares you not only from an academic point of you but also from a practical one for real life, the largest number of CNMN valedictorians and graduates of the top 10 universities worldwide come from this profile.

Mathematics and Informatics Profile

As it is suggested, those two are the main subjects you will focus on. In the latest years, the number of children opting for this profile has increased dramatically. May it be for the developments in technology and the job offers, or even a passion for this area of education, full of numbers and codes. The well-known stereotype of nerdy kids with big glasses and always with their noses in the computer is quite false. This profile opens up for its students extremely creative and unique areas, such as robotics, astrophysics and even the video games industry. You need to decide whether you are prepared to spend up to 12 hours in front of a computer, with little to no real social interaction, 24/7, and, moreover, be aware that the advancements in technology and A.I. have turned numerous I.T. specialists jobless.


Linguistics, Literature, History, Social Studies. A majority of people have been stating for many years that in this profile students never do anything and here always go the least intelligent ones, which is completely wrong. As it is my profile I always stand up to defend it and tell the truth about it. As simple as it might seem to outsiders, philology implies a great deal of work and huge amounts of reading. From reading thousands of pages every year, to analyzing what you read, to memorizing history, and most importantly, in my belief, taking part in cultural events. Philology is the profile which cultivates, the most holistically, a human being in different areas. We may not ace Math or Physics, as neither are the Science graduates aces in Comparative Literature, but we sure do know our overall general knowledge and much more.

Thus, do not complicate this choice more than it needs to, but listen to your instinct and desires, or even follow along with your friends if not sure. Family advice is also important if you can reach a common denominator. High school is not the end, but the beginning!

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