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Beginnings Of A New Part Of My Academic Journey - Ninth Grade

Sara Vesa, IX D

As a new school year has begun not long ago, and as many children, as well as teenagers, got to meet their old classmates and probably same teachers once again, others, fortunately or unfortunately, it depends on how exactly you wish to look upon it ( such as those starting high school) get to experience a completely different start. Thus, after four long, eventful years, I am finally able to say that I count amongst them.

However, I must admit the fact that, while others may feel excited and happy for a fresh start and plenty of new opportunities, or, on the contrary, scared and frustrated of whatever they could be overthinking about, I was, and, to some extent, still am part of both of those categories.

Therefore, whilst I am very glad to have friendly new colleagues, teachers that I can’t really complain anything about, other than maybe being fairly strict, but that can change over time. After all, it is going to take a while until we get familiar with each other. Besides, being used to the atmosphere and school grounds is a particularly high quality advantage, compared to others, who maybe step foot in here for the first time ever.

Notwithstanding, on another note, despite not being as stressed as I used to be during the last year of school, taking into consideration the fact that I had two of the first most important exams of my life, I believe everyone that I talked to about high school, telling me they are “the best years of your life” simply just lied to my face about it. It is most definitely much harder and not as fun as they described it.

Furthermore, to the best of my knowledge, from what I have been told and have also seen from others, peer and parental pressure tends to be much higher; usually not resulting in good things, as quick, impulsive and of low quality actions have more consequences now that we have reached another milestone.

However, I suppose and I honestly really hope that some things are just a matter of time, and are soon going to take a turn for the better. It is stressful and long and while some things are much more different than middle school, such as perhaps being taken a bit more seriously by other people, the only really big change is that everyone is confused and a bit lost about how fast time is passing. Moreover, we barely have any time left to realise what is actually going on and, well, try to start making these high school years the “best years” of our lives.

Consequently, I began speaking with other freshmen, both new classmates, as well as friends from other classes and schools. On the one hand, some told me they were very excited and loved absolutely every aspect of high school, except, of course, a few people that they weren’t very fond of, from time to time. Meanwhile, on the other hand, handful agreed to what I have said earlier, about how stressful, tiring and hard it is for them to adjust to completely new schools, teachers and classmates.

To conclude with, the start of high school is obviously a different experience for everyone, with lots of new opportunities each turn we take into our lives, as well as different difficulties that we will, sooner or later, stumble upon. However, I suppose what matters most is what you choose to make out of it, whether you decide, or, try to live it to its fullest.

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