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Drug Use: The Worst Enemy of Today’s Society

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Anda Chis, XII A

There are a plethora of issues of a paramount importance in today’s world, but something that has a blatant impact mostly on teenagers is the drug use. Teenagers consume these substances in order to have a good time, good grades or an enhanced ability in a sports competition, but what cannot be seen are their noxious consequences.

Unequivocally, the consumption of drugs, especially before the age of 18 might engender the reprehensible outcome regarding people’s lives and development. There are replete of youngsters who envisage that drugs could give them a tremendous mood and energy to do certain things, such as improving a study for an exam or performing better in a competition. These consumers are able to see solely the advantages of drugs, but their consequences will surprise them afterwards, when it will be too late. Their organs will be already damaged and other health issues will occur. Furthermore, there are other people whose mentality is even worse than the one which was already mentioned. There are youngsters who prefer to take a joint or something like that to have a good time at that moment, most of the time because of peer pressure. Unfortunately, it may become addictive and the rate of mental breakdown among youngsters increases because of the ubiquitous lack of drugs in everyday life.

Nevertheless, besides the reprehensible impact of drugs on youngsters’ mental and physical health, there are consequences in the academic field or in the area of sports. When consumers stop using drugs to hone their work, they will suffer a significant change. It would be much more difficult to complete a task at school or in sports without doping after a long period of practising this noxious paradigm.

Moreover, the problem of doping in sports is not something novel. In ancient Greece, the use of prohibited substances was not discouraged, as specialists offered athletes various ingredients in order to increase physical performance. Doping methods were used also in the Roman Empire, where racing horses were doped with different blends of substances aimed to increase their speed. Furthermore, gladiators have been mentioned as users of strength-increasing agents. In modern, professional sports, many athletes have tested positive for forbidden substances. The most publicized case was that of Canadian Ben Johnson, the renowned 100 m runner for the use of anabolic steroids. It was the first doping scandal in the history of the Olympic Games, which led to Johnson’s suspension for two years and then for life, because he tested positive again in 1993. Besides the fact that this deception is discovered, it affects the whole career of a sportsperson.

To conclude with, I acquiesce that drugs represent a paragon of an enemy of our society and even if it seems that they are utilitarian, they negatively influence their users’ development.

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