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World Cup 2022

Gazdovici Horia, X F

From the very get-go of this World Cup, it was to be a much more different event compared to the ones preceding it, as it was the first World Cup ever held in the Muslim world. We do not know precisely why this change has occurred this year. However, the quality of the matches themselves has not been altered.

Apart from the general expectation of the public to see Portugal and Argentina in the final round, in order to see a showdown between Messi and Ronaldo, this year came packed with surprises.

First of all, Saudi Arabia defeated Argentina in the early stages of the World Cup, which resulted in shock and disbelief of what had happened, and in every member of the Middle Eastern team getting a brand new Rolls Royce “Phantom”. Nice job, right?

Second of all, we might’ve witnessed one of the best underdog stories in recent football, as Morocco was the first African team to ever advance to the semi-finals of the World Cup, taking out Portugal and shaming Ronaldo in the process, only to get beaten by France in the semi-finals, yet their accomplishment still remains remarkable.

On the other hand, this was the last World Cup in which Messi ever played, and it was his final chance to get what he most desired, the World Cup trophy. Mostly, this was to be his crowning achievement, and the receiving of the unofficial title “best football player in the world as of yet.”

Some have said that this was one of the most entertaining matches that they had ever seen.

The match summary is as follows:

A goal from a penalty in the 22nd minute by Lionel Messi, followed up by a goal from Di Maria in the 35th minute. These two goals resulted in Argentinian fans thinking that it was to be an easy victory, but Mbappé’s penalty goal in the 79th minute proved them wrong. Moreover, Mbappé delivered another masterful shot that dodged the goalkeeper in the 81st minute and that made the scores even.

In extra time, Messi scored in the 107th minute, and his fans were quite satisfied with the goal, until Mbappé scored another penalty in the 117th minute. This led to penalties, where Gonzalo Montiel secured the 4-2 shoot-out victory for Argentina.

This historic match wasn’t only Messi’s crowning achievement, but it might as well be the most entertaining and satisfying match of the century. This was my perspective upon the World Cup. However, I would like to hear some other opinions regarding this championship and the historic match that ended it.

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