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Thinking About Extracurriculars?Academic Contests, Summer Camps, and University Admissions at UVT

Alex Coiov, XI A


Our school life has been rather hectic lately, and it’s not about the usual hustle and bustle. Several visitors have recently yet unexpectedly made their appearance at our school, amongst which several representatives of the Western University of Timișoara, known as UVT (‘Universitatea de Vest Timișoara’).

Nevertheless, such guests had one central aim in mind: describing and elaborating on UVT’s bachelor’s programmes and faculties; as of right now, our school has received guests from merely two faculties, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEAA: ‘Facultatea de Economie și de Administrare a Afacerilor’) and the Faculty of Chemistry, Biology, and Geography, respectively (CBG: ‘Facultatea de Chimie, Biologie și Geografie’). Consequently, the abstract of these visits will be provided. Furthermore, pertinent information concerning FEAA’s contest, ‘Economica Ripensis’, and UVT’s summer camp for high school students, called ‘WSU’, will be given.

UVT’s Visits: An Abstract

In a nutshell, UVT can be a good choice for individuals wishing to continue their education in Romania since the university has a rich history – it opened in 1962 – and a myriad of faculties, 11 to be precise, amongst which FEAA, CBG, the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Political Sciences, Philosophy, and Communication Sciences, et cetera. Concomitantly, each faculty has its specific bachelor’s programs. In FEAA’s instance, one can study Economics and International Business, Marketing, Finance and Banking, Management, and whatnot. In CBG’s case, the options are commensurate – with bachelor’s programs including Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Medical Chemistry, et cetera. Should you wish to learn more about UVT’s faculties, do consult the links at the end of the article.

Any Plans for the Summer?

Annually, UVT organises a summer camp called West Summer University (WSU), with the benevolent help of OSUT (‘Organizația Studenților din Universitatea de Vest din Timișoara’). Essentially, WSU is a summer camp held exclusively for 11th-grade students who, for two weeks, can experience what life is like at UVT. Every 11th grader can participate in the summer camp, regardless of their intentions regarding future education prospects, meaning that WSU participants do not necessarily have to apply to UVT later. Therefore, this summer camp can be a marvellous addition to one’s CV. Moreover, it must be mentioned that students participating in WSU can select which faculty they wish to attend for the previously mentioned duration; thus, the choices are ‘almost endless’, 11 to be more exact.

Nonetheless, the 100-RON application fee and the 150-RON participation fee include two meals per day and accommodation. Had our high school been part of the ‘ROSE Grant’, the participation fee would have been null. Even so, 250 RON for a two-week, university-held summer camp is a bargain without even considering the educational benefits of WSU since students will experience life at UVT exactly like ordinary students, which entails participating in a few university-level courses.

‘Economica Ripensis’: Yet Another Outstanding Addition to One’s CV

After participating in FEAA’s Open Days event, I can indeed say that I was pleasantly astonished by the university’s jovial atmosphere and helpful staff, ranging from the ordinary yet tremendously friendly and personable bachelor’s students to the erudite third-year PhD students and affable vice-deans.

Nevertheless, one of the primary reasons for partaking in such an enchanting event was my burning desire to acquire more information regarding UVT’s available programs/contests for high school students. Consequently, I was told about the ‘Economica Ripensis’ contest. This competition is preponderantly inclined towards future prospective UVT students since participating in it can grant students an extra point on their final admissions average. Still, other individuals that do not inherently wish to apply to UVT, such as myself, can choose to participate, as the contest per se is an exercise, hence the benefits.

In summary, Economica Ripensis has ten multiple-choice sections from which somebody can choose – Economics, Maths, Marketing, Finance, Tourism, et cetera – and each subject has 15 multiple-choice exercises. Besides, the contest is usually held in spring (April) in an online format. However, this year’s competition will likely be live at FEAA because the pandemic is no longer an impediment. Nonetheless, things regarding Economica Ripensis might change at any time, hence the need to check the official website, which will also be linked below.

Concluding Arguments

To sum up, if you are looking forward to participating in academic contests, summer camps, and other scholastic activities, make sure you check the nearby universities and educational centres, amongst which UVT, a prestigious university with an elaborate history and a reputable character, as far as I am concerned.

UVT’s Faculties:

West Summer University (summer camp for high school students):

‘Economica Ripensis’ Academic Contest:

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