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The Cruelty of Animal Testing

Dominic Hagău, 10A

Animal testing is one of the most gruesome things, humanity has ever done to the furry inhabitants of this planet. It is a heinous process of mutilation, vitriolic and noxious substances implicitly being administered to the animals such as rabbits, mice or especially Guinea Pigs. The scientific purpose of this profane torture is to study the efficacy of certain products (mostly beauty ones), or the behaviour these creatures adopt, once their bodies are intoxicated with various caustic substances, certain diseases and more. The life of a rabbit might seem paltry, a trifle science can discard with utmost nonchalance, however this image of "collateral insignificant collateral damage" is undoubtedly apocryphal. Over 100 million animals are burnt, crippled, poisoned, incinerated, abused and slaughtered only in the U.S.A. These innocent beings have to acquiesce to the malevolent treatment they are going to undergo, although, some escape. Due to the emaciated chance of creating a fecund symbiosis with the drugs or viruses their bodies host, there are, seldom, some "lucky escapees".

Moreover, the preponderance of successful results within laboratories is negligible compared to the colossal number of fatidic failures and catastrophic deaths of guiltless rodents. A brief assessment of a tester rabbit is lethargic, wretched and despondent, whilst a prairie hare is vivacious, nimble and not half dead. Although some fervent scientists might regard it as an effective way of ensuring human safety or an affluent source of scientific data, its authorization only causes deficiencies. Animals are not designed like humans, biologically speaking, their bodies are aerodynamic, every muscle and tendon contributing to survival in harsh and belligerent conditions. Aspirin and penicillin, for example, are poisonous to their internal system, killing them instantly. Despite the façade of protecting humans from certain viruses, this aspect is not thoroughly pellucid. It is completely unhomogeneous and it can dissipate all around the world, because of a tiny mistake, unleashing onsets of mutable diseases or even humongous transient epidemics which have little likelihood of being just some volatile flues. To conclude with, animals should not be used for commercial testing, due to the high risks of endangering Earth's population, discrepant body structures and also due to the perfidious methods of testing. A suitable solution would be human testing, nevertheless, the person involved in the process (or his family in case of his death) would gain a considerable amount of money. The registration should be a document, signed only by those who are willing to undergo such procedures.

Here's a short video to gain a deeper insight into animal cruelty:

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