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Social Behaviour

Cozmi Raluca, XI F

When talking about social behaviour, we refer to all behaviour that influences, or is influenced by, other members of the same category. Hence, it comes with a myriad of actions which are viewed by society as acceptable, thus regarded as appropriate or non-acceptable i.e. inappropriate. For instance, saying “thank you” for favours, greeting people when you see them, and waiting in line politely, are only a few of the so-called “acceptable” social behaviours. Actions such as gossiping, criticizing, telling lies, bullying and so on are regarded as “non-acceptable” by society.

Coming up with a question, do we really need to fit in and abide by the standards imposed by society? Why do people still care about what others have to say about them, and why do they try so hard to fit into a world in which society puts a label on their actions?

Social behaviour can be different in a variety of cultures or generations. Thus, today’s young generation would never even think that a simple and genuine act such as using electronic devices while in presence of others can be regarded as offensive and inappropriate by some people. Is this act truly intrusive for others? Or is it just society that is hypocritical about it? I must mention that we should really stop trying to achieve those social standards - which after all, are dictated by whom?

That brings me to my last point. Who influences us into acting a certain way at the end of the day? Who sets those social standards that we are supposed to follow and abide by? For many, those social standards are set by their role models, and the most significant role models are their parents. It is the parents who do not fail to implant into their children the same antiquated beliefs, the same rules that the past generations had taught them. Thus, our society’s social standards remain the same over the years, regardless of how different generations are.

However, apart from parents, the novel generation has already begun to shape themselves on the so-called influencers, that in many cases haven’t even read a book in their entire life… Sorrowful, if you ask me. I can see how children are being compelled into aspiring to be like those influencers that they see on the internet, the majority of whom, after all, have not done anything remarkable in their lives, but only flaunt to their followers their “perfect life” or “flawless appearance”. Is this really where our society is heading, and where we want it to go? Unfortunately, these influencers fail to realise how much of an impact they actually have on the children who cherish and idolise them, the children who become more and more eager and keen to see their latest posts in order to model themselves on the influencers. Thus, we have already seen the tremendous power of social media that can shape entire generations; it is obvious that such power shouldn’t be taken lightly.

To conclude with, I believe that it is of tremendous importance to do something in order to change this dismal path that our world is heading towards. But most importantly, we must leave society’s opinion behind and truly do what we think is best for ourselves and not something that will please others. A piece of advice I would like to give you all is to never put labels on anyone, focus on our own path and not attempt to fit society’s standards, but rather try to become your own role model.

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