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School Curriculum -What Needs Changes?

Arianna Pal, X F

As we all know, the curriculum we follow in schools at the moment has its ups and downs. The fact that semesters have been parted into school modules made it easier for us students, as we get more breaks in which we can relax a bit from all the stress. Though, even with the new curriculum, there are some things that still require attention.

What hasn't changed is the system of teaching and the materials used in teaching. It has been almost two decades since the last renewal of school textbooks. This by itself sounds impressively bad, but it does get worse. In 2017, the Minister of Education decided on changing school textbooks and completely renewing the state of our education. This has worked, as children starting the 5th grade had new textbooks and did so until the 9th grade. However, from the 9th grade on, no new textbooks have been approved by the Ministry and high schoolers have to follow the old 2005 textbooks as the previous students did before.

Our generation cannot be compared to the teenagers of 2005, as we got more open-minded about current situations in the world and started to care more about others. What I’m trying to say is that whatever we study now is not appropriate and shouldn’t be promoted to high schoolers, as it will affect their perspective on certain situations and their causes due to information outdatedness.

As an example, I have to add the book “Ion” by Liviu Rebreanu, a Romanian book inspired by the traditional Romanian peasant. This book has been a constant dilemma for the new generation and has provoked some conflicts between STUDENT readers. The book shows many tough scenes, which include fights, suicides, neglect and many more that are hard to read and shouldn’t be shared with high schoolers. Besides that, the book shows an era when women were treated wrong and normalizes that aspect throughout the whole book.

To my mind, this is one of many books that are not suitable for a school program and should not be present in a school textbook. Teaching these books to children gives the country a bad look, as we are on last place, in terms of education, in the European Union. As for equality between genders, we’re in the 72nd place in the whole world.

Even though authors like Liviu Rebreanu have had a huge impact on Romanian literature, many other modern authors can show high schoolers how the current world really works and the correct way we should treat people.

In addition to that, I suggest finding modern authors that you can get inspired by and find a better example and a better view of the world. Here’s a list that might help you:

For the future, the Minister of Education plans on actually working on new textbooks and the hope is for them to actually include modern literature and show children good examples to begin their adolescence with.

I just hope this truly happens, for the well-being of future generations and their more 21st century grounded views.

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