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Overcoming Taboo Topics

Updated: May 24, 2022

Sara Lucaci, 10F

When an uncomfortable topic comes up in a conversation, we often tend to avoid it respectfully, even though such subjects are of great interest to us. What if these barriers would disappear and dialogues could be held freely, without the fear of addressing something disrespectfully?

Thinking of it, taboo topics can be almost anything, from money, race, religion, and sex, to menstruation, death, abortion, suicide, and even gossip. Nowadays, most people speak more carefully about such topics, fearing the other person's reactions. Imagine what introducing taboo topics into our conversations and normalising them would mean. It would only lead to openness, a better understanding of each other, and inclusiveness. Most importantly, it would be the first step to making a change in international, purely humane issues we face.

Creating an open atmosphere is key to addressing taboo matters without shame or regret. Firstly, we should educate ourselves on topics of interest and make important content available for everyone. Not only by being bold and addressing what we all fear to say but also by collaborating and involving different people of different opinions and views; this can only make the issue known, which would offer a range of viewpoints.

Taboo topics mean stepping out of our comfort zone, but always in a beneficial way. Speaking up and stating your opinion respectfully has always been a form of encouragement for everyone around us. Even if it sounds out of place and has never been addressed before, more people will find themselves relating and will join with their own views and experiences. Nothing is un-debatable in our world as long as the opinions expressed do not insult others and no offensive language is being used.

Thus, you can overcome taboo topics only by daring to step out of the limits and expressing yourself. We should learn to be more open and supportive of each other, inspiring other people to do the same.

Don't wait for a change to be made but take part in it. BE THE CHANGE!

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