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My Take On Artificial Intelligence

Raluca Cozmi, XI F

Due to rapid progression in technology nowadays, the once only speculated phenomenon called artificial intelligence has become reality in our society. In my conjecture, AI is definitely a major step in the world’s technological advancements with both positive and negative impacts. Nevertheless, the question is whether this tremendous technological development is good or bad for our society. Should we cherish and lavish artificial intelligence or dispraise it?

You may wonder, what AI is in fact? Artificial intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and recreate their actions. For instance, some examples of AI might be self-driving cars, astute assistants, manufacturing robots and so on.

Firstly, from the very moment of its discovery, AI has marked the beginning of a new era in human history. Along with ups and downs, AI will alleviate our day-to-day lives with far-reaching effects. From facilitating advances in healthcare, facial recognition logins, voice assistants and even personalised machines to do our daily activities. So far, AI has had a positive impact in coming up with contributions that have made our life so much easier and enjoyable. By enhancing the speed, precision, and effectiveness of human efforts. Besides, it has curtailed the need to take care of some of the most tedious tasks in many industries and it has managed to allow humans to discover their true values and become more creative. Not to mention that AI is available at any time whenever you need it whereas humans are productive only 3 to 4 hours a day as numerous studies have already evinced. Furthermore, one of the biggest advantages of AI is that humans can overcome many risks by letting AI robots do them for us. Risks such as defusing a bomb or going to space, plus they can provide accurate work with greater responsibility.

On the other hand, along with its appearance, AI will cause our so-called workforce to evolve, hence it will result in a loss of jobs. Researchers have discovered that by 2037, 7 million existing jobs will be replaced by AI, causing a massive wave of unemployment. Another drawback of AI is that it requires plenty of time and resources and can cost lots of money. Moreover, left without control, AI can easily lead to destruction in the future as their level of adroitness and intelligence may outgrow ours and consequently wipe out humanity as ethics and morality are human features that cannot be implemented into machines. Even so, we can only speculate that AI will come that far, given the intelligence we endow it with.

To conclude with, to my mind, AI has both advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, it represents the next step in the history of humanity, and it is only a matter of time until AI will be implemented in every machine and gadget we own, thus it is up to the world to see whether this irreversible progress in technology will bring up more benefits than drawbacks, and where to draw the line.

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