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Mindfulness In An Under-Observant Age

Mălina Palcu, XI A

Mindfulness is thought to be a type of meditation through the medium by which people can be intensely aware and focused on the senses and feelings without these being interpreted in diverse manners. Practising this in under observant age means that people do not pay attention to their feelings and are ignorant of them as they have left aside the nurturing and humane side of themselves.

It is truly an art to be mindful as it means that everything that is directly experienced is done so via thoughts and emotions in order to induce a euphoric state of mind. Specialists deem that `the goal of mindfulness is to wake up to the inner workings of our mental, emotional and physical processes`. This means that this concept explores the idea of discovering what lies in our minds and how our brain responds to stressful situations rather than heightening our senses. By this, I mean that, for instance, whenever people hear their phone ringing, they rush to answer it without a second thought, without being appreciative of a moment’s breath.

People are not necessarily mindful as they try to live their lives at maximum capacity by fulfilling every need they have and by achieving unlimited things in life. However, this might not be efficient as we actually do not get the time to enjoy life to the fullest and can only do so in parts. Hence we are so absorbed by unimportant tasks, we let ourselves fall off the tracks by not being aware of what surrounds us. Oftentimes, teenagers and young adults tend to not be mindful as they live in this under-observant age where they are trying to only enjoy the present in seconds and not minutes.

Therefore, mindfulness is an abstract concept that can be defined as an act that improves awareness, as well as a special place where each and every moment is momentous, meaning that we only have one chance to make the most out of a situation. We should definitely take advantage of having moments of pure quietness in life.

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