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Is the Internet Making Us Stupid?

Eva Guțu

While the gregarious society indulges and feeds its appetite with relentless information, some are exceedingly thrilled to have the word at their feet as far as the manipulation of mind is concerned, being able to persuade masses with the simple touch of a button, as it got us hooked and intrigued.

On the one hand, the internet doesn’t just provide salient pieces of information, but rather takes part in shaping our way of thinking and perceiving aspects in our monotonous lives. Offering everything we ask for on a plate seems propitious and rather beneficial, however the downsides of having access to such un unlimited source of information are of paramount sizes. Not many are concerning themselves with the intricately perplexing fact that the compelling and incessant cup of information found on the internet undoubtedly hinders our own perceptions of a plethora of peculiar aspects, as it seems to have become customary for mankind to reach and make use of the easiest and fastest way to achieve higher regarded positions, larger salaries and of course, information, therefore creating a state of lethargy and negligence. Steadily turning into a futile and irresponsible population, internet is indeed a humongous contributing factor to our stupidness and slothfulness, sometimes ending in loss of the ability to concentrate, sluggishness and even drowsiness.

On the other hand, the internet and its significant evolution throughout the past decades is definitely a paragon of instantaneous results, hence it curtails the once day-long thorough research into gathering the required information within minutes with the touch of a few keys. The vast majority tends to perceive the internet as their main source of information that fills their minds, as it is definitely advantageous to have access to whatever resembles somewhat of a significance to you in a couple of seconds, thus leaving better informed and satiated. It is also a great way to learn how to skim texts for your desired information, which substantially diminishes your time spent researching.

To conclude with, the internet and its rapid capacity of providing facts of all sorts has both its downfalls and its benefits, therefore not making us stupid, but not entirely smart either, as it offers whatever we ask for but with a capricious price of our concentration abilities and draining our energy to a certain extent.

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