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Is AI Good For Society?

Alexandra Muntianu, XI A

Nowadays, artificial intelligence has become one of the most topical issues on debate in society. It makes its presence felt everywhere around us, from talking via social media to online payments or space exploration. Living an effortless life filled with opportunities sounds like a promising future, but what happens when AI starts being more present in our own lives than we are?

AI has contributed to the development of many sectors of society. Directly, it helped reduce the scarcity of food in the world by telling farmers when to water or add more nutrients to their crops. People with vision impairment benefited from programs which read out loud or identify what for them is not possible and oncologists are able to diagnose the early stages of cancer increasing life expectancy. Indirectly, the appearance of AI lead to the disappearance of many jobs, such as factory workers, being replaced with machines. This led to more productivity and utter accuracy.

However, despite outperforming human beings artificial intelligence should never replace them. Because of AI, we are becoming slothful and superficial. We tend to believe that machines can take over our responsibilities and be our weapons against the world. Unfortunately, what we don’t believe is that our own weapons can turn against us in a split of a second.

There are many questions we get to ask ourselves about AI, but the majority of them can’t be answered. Right now, we need the perspective of time. Even so, we have all the partial answers we need in order to understand that technology has become an indispensable part of our lives with whom we coexist. We have to adapt and comprehend the idea that AI is good for us as long as we want it to be, and as long as we do not get too lazy and complacent to leave all decisions in the hands of our creations.

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