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How to Deal with Bullying

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Raluca Cozmi, 10A

At our age, bullying continues to affect thousands of students on a daily basis. Nationwide, 19% of students in grades 9-12 report being bullied at school. It can come in many forms, from physical or digital harassment to social or verbal humiliation and so on. Thus, it is very likely that you have been the victim of bullying at least once in your lifetime.

Hence, in the case of teenagers, the effects of bullying can be destructive, affecting both the mental health and the personality of the students, and, consequently resulting into traumas and frustrations which they will carry with them forever.

From my own experience, I can whole-heartedly tell you that dealing with it can cause you inexplicable pain, making you unable to reach out for help and talk about how much you are suffering from it. Hence, by writing this article, I intend to help the students who deal with it daily and give them some advice that can help them dispel their pain.

Firstly, I must begin by mentioning that the Target of a bully is your Reaction. They want to constantly upset you and take away your power. Thus, if you don’t show them any kind of reaction, they will lose interest and you will manage to take away their power over you, hence DO NOT REACT IN ANYWAY. Besides, as long as you remember that bullies act the way they do because they are only insecure and perhaps lack affection, wishing to steal what you have, it will empower you to act indifferent at their attempt of making you feel miserable. Laughter can as well make them feel stupid and powerless. Moreover, confidence is the key to keep the bullies away. As they usually pick on people that they think are weaker than them. Thus, the next time they try to hit on you, stand up for yourself!

Nevertheless, if bullying keeps getting worse and went too far, then it is the time for you to reach out for help. Now, from my experience, I used to think that reaching out for help might make the things even worse. However, sometimes it can be the only way to stop the bullying. Hence, you can reach out to a teacher, a headmistress for help or even to the principal of our school, as they will be more than literally delighted to help you. Or you can always to contact me personally and I will be more than willing to solve any problem that you have and discuss it with you and with our mentors.

Secondly, you must know that you are not alone! Back when I was in middle school, I have also been the victim of bullying only because I was a few pounds overweight. I used to suffer and be miserable everyday as my colleagues never missed any chance of laughing and making fun of me. But I survived, the normal ‘puppy fat’ vanished and I grew stronger and wiser.

Another example would be my beloved friend who transferred this year to our school and instantly became the victim of bulling since she was too soft and weak when it came to standing up for herself. Boys in her class continue to make fun of her name, voice, personality, looks, and for what? A few days ago, when she told me, I was in shock. How can high schoolers be so mean for no reason? Threatening her and making her life sorrowful up to the point that she starts crying in class…

Now, what would be the solution? As I already advised her, she reached out to a teacher for help and changed her attitude and whole perspective on the situation. She started to remove those pedestals on where the bullies were placed in her head and view them as foolish individuals, hence felt superior to them due to her changed way of thinking. Then, it indeed began being easier for her to ignore them and to stand up for herself.

Thus, you must remember that you are not alone! The one thing you must do is to be courageous. I know how hard it must be for you in the beginning, but it is the only way.

Should you need a helping hand, please, do not hesitate to contact me. I am a good listener and, very often, quite the fixer!!

Contact details: 0773338344

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