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Globalisation, cultural diversity and linguism

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Mălina Palcu, 10A

Image from Mars Translation

Globalization is a term used to describe how certain domains are intertwined in order to provide a better connection among the globe’s population regarding economy, trading, cultural influences, science and many more. Despite this, globalization can have negative effects, as well, as the world could potentially become afflicted by the inhabitants’ monotonous lifestyles due to this desire of interconnection which kills diversity.

Cultural diversity and linguistics, among others, are directly influenced by globalization, hence people are coerced by the film and music industry to listen to the latest trends which regard international music or movies, such as the ones in English. Moreover, in order to avoid language barriers among countries, English has been implemented as a global language ever since the British Empire and its colonies spread geopolitical dominance.

Having a diversified culture as a nation will impact people towards experiencing local traditions all around the globe. Without this, we will live a rather simple and monotonous lifestyle as everything would happen in concordance to some universal rules which come hand in hand with the negative effects of globalization. Would people enjoy listening to a universal genre of music, for instance? Or perhaps, eat only international dishes, forgetting about their traditional food. All Chinese food chains that are established in malls throughout the world would eventually go bankrupt if globalization influenced cultural diversity to this extent.

Moreover, regarding linguistics, the English language will eventually become compulsory in all schools throughout the globe, even though Mandarin could eventually overthrow it. Despite this, there are many English neologisms in the Romanian language as we have adapted it according to the latest influences. Moreover, as there are many technological discoveries made during these times, certain languages will therefore implement these in their vocabulary. Although having an international language is of uttermost importance when talking about interconnections and having a world that is brought together closer, it would certainly have a salient impact on all countries which are trying to preserve as much of their traditions as possible.

Therefore, globalization could present a potential threat to cultural diversity and linguistics, it is important that we, as humans, don’t abide by it, but try to diminish as much of its negative effects as possible.

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