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Game Board & Karaoke Night

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Students meet up on a Friday evening for board games and karaoke at Snooze Café

Alessia Zoldi, 10F

Arianna Pal, 9F

Photo by Alessia Zoldi

On the evening of Friday, February 18th, a considerable number of students from several schools, mostly from “Moise Nicoară”, gathered at Snooze Café for a night of karaoke and fun board games. Our craving for social interaction was evident, after so many months of isolation.

Everyone present seemed very excited and many expressed their satisfaction profusely about how the evening turned out to be. “The fun was great and also the atmosphere extremely pleasant,” said Orban Daiana, a high schooler that participated in the event. The evening was organized by the volunteering club “Simbio” Arad, a club that organizes plenty of other events, such as parties, extracurricular activities and many others. They came up with the innovative idea of having a themed evening of board games and karaoke which started at 6 p.m. and lasted until everyone was tired and dazed with happiness from socializing and laughing.

Every student that came, most of them aged between fourteen and eighteen, had the opportunity to sing their favourite songs with their friends. Despite the fact that some appeared to be timid at first, those who had the initiative and courage to sing were encouraged or cheered by everyone around. Therefore, the atmosphere that was created was warm, vibrant and relaxing – something very much needed after a long week of fatiguing school. Thus, the event was a success for the organizers but also for the people who desired to make new friends and have an unforgettable and delightful Friday night.

Hearing how great of a night it was, we came up with the idea to recreate the event that happened at “Snooze Café”, but with an intriguing twist. Our school has had a lot of activities like this before, such as movie nights and treasure hunts. Thus, an event like this would be suitable for the students of our school and relatively easy to organize. I think our school is lacking this sort of event, and implementing it would improve the friendliness our school has to offer.

Imagine how much fun would it be to hang out with your friends and teachers, play board games, enjoy some karaoke and have fun in your school, all in an informal, open environment. This also would be an opportunity to make new friends and get to know your teachers better, since you’d be surrounded by people who study, teach and live in the same place as you each day.

Think about the last time you have sat down and played a game. Has it been during the last year? In fact, game boards help you practice essential cognitive skills, such as strategic thinking and logical decision making. After all, maybe this event does fit in a school, as it could help students achieve certain skills that the school might not teach them. This idea is not confirmed yet, but we hope that someday we can all gather to have some fun and change the way in which we see school – from a nerve-racking place to one in which you can be yourself and learn while also socializing with all those who “live” in the institution.

The invention of online games, multi-player ones that don’t require face-to-face dining struck the idea of a good old-fashioned board game, but we are here to bring it back. Maybe even with some karaoke on the side, which would help ensure that the night is filled to the brim with fun and vivid laughter echoing down the hallways of our school.

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