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Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Cristina Gavrea, 8A


As you know, the minister of education implied that the school year structure shall be wrecked and rebuilt into modules, with up to five of them. Between such modules, there would be one week off from school based on different themes.


Some people, as in parents, like it, but some are infuriated since it will encourage laziness in their kids. But let's shift our point of view and see what the students have to say about this massive change. We found out that during this week, they can relax from their intense burnout. In fact, this free time can help you relax, which is beneficial for students who have worked for weeks on end without including weekends. We also found out that, with this free time, they can practice sports, enjoy their hobbies or use it to their advantage to study.


As you see, one week off between two modules is like having a tea party between two wars. This will clear their minds, so students will not be as stressed about future tests or papers. A holiday is like recharging your phone battery - it doesn't take long to reach maximum capacity, and such a battery can last for a while.


Burnouts and stress can really pull a student down with it, and parents have noticed that such short holidays can change their child's whole perspective. While other parents oppose the idea of breaks, let’s just make them imagine how would they even live if they need to work 24/7 without breaks. That will change the entire minds of people who think these breaks are utter stupidity.

All in a nutshell (with a slice of sweetness)

Let's imagine it in a nutshell: for every sip of coffee, you take a bite out of a muffin; now structure it in a clear and logical way of how this new structure of the new school year works. For every sip of bitter schoolwork, you take a bite out of a fluffy and sweet muffin.


We need to see this as a revolutionary upgrade from the old school system, which has a break based on religious or national holidays. Let's throw it in a blender and mix it until, for every period of school, you have perfectly segmented holidays where the students can use all their time to their advantage.

The students are free to express their freedom, even outside school, which is for the good of the world. Think of it like a no-plastic ocean or a vast and dense forest without any litter. We may start slow, but soon we will get used to it, like spreading butter on a nice piece of warm bread out of the oven.

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