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Why Law?

Daria Bonca, XII A

Law, a complex, yet tremendously rewarding subject, has recently become a feared major for students. While law is an interdisciplinary subject, which requires students to diligently study politics, economics and philosophy to understand it to its full extent, it is simultaneously a captivating journey through the history of humankind and the evolution of morality.

To begin with, law school offers its graduates a wide variety of career options. While many actively choose to become an attorney, others find their legal background to help foster successful careers in economics, business, finance, and politics. Masters allow students to specialised and work in their preferred field and fight for their preferred causes: environmental law, to fight for regulations regarding toxic emissions, or human rights law, to offer a voice to those who can not voice their concerns and needs. 

Secondly, every aspect of modern society is deeply intertwined with the law. Law shapes and is shaped by the ever-changing societal norms and political forces in power, directly and indirectly influencing the life of all citizens. Thus, studying law allows individuals to understand this complicated relationship between society and law, and manipulate it, to make a positive change. With more people understanding how this relationship functions in a socio-economic context, people can aim to make changes, shaping the world into a place where people can feel safe and not pressured to be something they might not desire. 

To conclude with, I believe studying law offers individuals a complex understanding into how one can make a positive change in the world, while also widening the career opportunities after graduation.

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