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Moise’s Sports Court – A Consistent Dilemma

Will the recent promises be fulfiled after all?

Alex Coiov, 10A

Photos by Alessia Zoldi

As time goes by, things become older, more fragile, and rickety, yet few improvements are made in most cases. The perfect example illustrating such a widespread, general problem would be the sports court in front of “Moise Nicoară” National College, a place we all love and wish to be able to use for many future years.

Recently, Dorian Curcanu, representative of the USR political party in Arad, mentioned that “The project to modernize the sports court at Moise Nicoară will not be finished too soon or will most likely enter the long list of failures of the administration. Why?”

Throughout the years, the sports field has endured countless steps and numerous games of either football or basketball. The running track is barely surviving and is holding on for dear life. Moreover, the football goalposts and the basketball hoops are getting flimsier by the day. Not to mention the imminent danger they pose to our school’s students and their antiquity that degrades the school’s aspect.

Although some repairs have been made to the beloved sports court inside the school (repainting, refurbishments and the purchase of news basketball hoops), the problem of the outdoors sports field persists. If the old equipment outside is not replaced, things will continue breaking down; therefore, causing sizeable issues. The fact that there has been an ongoing project of modernization of the sports field, despite nothing happening, should raise numerous questions. Furthermore, the “long list of failures of the administration”, as mentioned by Mr Dorian Curcanu, further adds fuel to the problem. Besides, while responding to the burning question “Why?” one can receive many answers. Possibly the funds or the lack of them play an enormous role. There are many ideas, and the opinions are split.

Nonetheless, simply paying lip service and not providing any solutions to this issue will not help anybody. Therefore, I interviewed Mr Dorian Curcanu to discover more about this complex topic. The project, in a nutshell, envisaged many changes: a sandpit for long jumps, a water fountain, wi-fi connection, two new handball courts, repairs brought to the running court, and the list goes on. Overall, these ideas are astounding. However, nothing has been implemented yet. All that local councillors, like Dorian Curcanu, know is that two million lei were invested this year to continue said project; the rest of the details remain hazy.

Accordingly, people must do something to get things moving again. “Students can play an important role if they know how to play their cards right. The student council can issue a point of view, through a press release, on the current state of the sports court and the indifference of local authorities”. Flash mobs and social media posts are things students can do to raise awareness regarding this problem, thus, creating pressure on the local administration.

However, during the writing of this article, intriguing news appeared on “Special Arad,” an article discussing the resumption of renovations regarding the sports court. The timing of this sudden decision is interesting. Besides, whether this commitment will be followed up by actions or not remains a question.

To conclude, the sports court in front of our school undergoes constant degradation. Nevertheless, its worsening state managed to catch the eye of local politicians, such as Mr Dorian Curcanu, asking rhetorical questions nobody else wants to. There is a big question mark hanging above the modernization of the sports field, as something has yet to happen. Despite this, an interesting article supporting the resumption of renovations has been recently published on “Special Arad”. Therefore, it is time for the students to express their own opinion regarding this problem, as it is their duty to make a change for the better if things do not improve.

Be one of them. Your thoughts or suggestions regarding this matter are more than welcome!

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