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Max Verstappen - Second Time World Champion

Gazdovici Horia, 10F

After proving dominant for the better part of this year in Formula 1, Max Verstappen has secured himself the position of world Champion, following some confusion at the Japan Grand-Prix, due to stormy weather. At the start of the race, Verstappen needed to outscore Charles Leclerc by eight points, and Sergio Perez by six.

Some may say that Verstappen was handed the crown by the stormy weather, and by Leclerc’s five second penalty, and they would be right, but these facts, true as they might be, are insignificant in the face of yet another fact: that Verstappen was, objectively speaking, the best pilot of this year.

If there is any controversy regarding Verstappen’s title, common sense simply dictates that it is unfounded, as the rules of F1 were clearly followed to a T. Though there is no need, another thing that proves Verstappen’s claim over the title, was the obstacle of the rainy weather, an obstacle which he overcame.

"The first one is a little more emotional, the second one is more beautiful," said Verstappen, and there certainly is great meaning behind this. First of all, it signifies that now he will certainly be remembered in the history of this sport. Second of all, we may yet witness the best of Verstappen, as this may be the start of a long and successful career, and some may compare him with Schumacher Sr. in the future. What is certain is that Max Verstappen has proved himself again.

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