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Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano: A Fight to be Remembered

Horia Gazdovici, 9F

Although many choose to ignore women’s boxing, we were greeted with an enthralling match between undisputed lightweight champion Katie Taylor and unified featherweight world champion Amanda Serrano.

The buildup to the fight was immense, as audiences were expecting a fight the likes of Muhhamad Ali vs. Joe Frasier, only with reversed sexes and it sure delivered. Ms Tylor took heavy hits during the larger part of the fight, which led her to an adrenaline rush that eventually won her the fight.

There was a lot of talk about who won the fight in the audience and between boxing officials, as no clear answer was in sight, but they eventually proclaimed the Irish representative as the winner. As for the fight, the aforementioned heavy hits that Ms Serrano delivered were prompted by her ability to position herself brilliantly and corner Ms Taylor a few times; this is why Ms Taylor’s comeback was even more flabbergasting.

This fight will go down as one of the greatest ones in MSG history, as it was fought between some of the most important names in women’s boxing and it took place in the most iconic arenas, Madison Square Garden.

We are sure to receive more fantastic performances from the boxing scene in the foreseeable future, which is why you should look out for May 7th and the 14th and 21st, when major names from all weight classes will meet in the ring! You can watch the highlights here: .

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