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Design Workshops

Teenagers gather to discover their artistic abilities

Alessia Zoldi, 10F

Nowadays, a considerable number of people, especially teenagers, are supporting the idea that our city has nothing to offer, that they do not have any opportunities to develop their passions or that they are not understood in our society. However, in our small city, a series of cultural events have started to be organized, in order to change this mentality step by step.

On March 26th, April 2nd and April 3rd, three creative and innovative workshops, that were part of a tremendously inspirational educational project called “A New Me - Recognize your Abilities through Creative Workshops”, organized and deployed by “Citizenit” took place. You might be wondering who they are and what their purpose is. Well, I am here to answer your questions and guide you through this new facet of our city that you might not have heard about before.

“Citizenit” is an association consisting of local people of different ages, different backgrounds and diverse passions, mostly ingenious and gifted artists gathered together to encourage and invest in the power of art and its transformative traits. “We started without any other resources besides energy and determination, and during the 400 events we organized starting with 2015 in Arad, we gathered around us an involved community”, they avowed.

Therefore, what has really happened and where has it happened? There were 3 modules of the workshops that took place at the Faculty of Design in Arad, coordinated by Maria Tămășan, Diana Bota and Raluca Nicula. The first one was the environmental design module named “Ecofun”, where teenagers learned how to create new objects from eco-friendly materials like empty water bottles, paper and shoe boxes. The second one was “My new old t-shirt” where they remade old t-shirts with different techniques, one of the most well-known being THE OLD “tie-dye” TECHNIQUE and, last but not least, “Re-paper”, a module for creating recycled paper.

This event and its innovative initiative that may or may not represent the kind of change and boost that we have all been waiting for in order to rebuild our society, can be admired for its success in promoting artistic, productive and imaginative skills. Thus, the unexpectedly delightful result of these workshops were the new connections and friendships based on something all participants had in common, in addition to sharing the same passion for art. “Citizenit” organises a plenitude of other projects, so why not sign up for one? Thus, are you looking forward to the next project or hoping for a better one?

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