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After a Disastrous Weekend for Ferrari, Red Bull is Back on the Top Step of the Podium

Horia Gazdovici, 9F

After Verstappen’s non-classified race on the Australian Grand Prix, due to a mechanical failure, Red Bull had to get back on the horse, and they were given a chance on the Italian Grand Prix, which they took and made the most out of, with Max Verstappen finishing on the first place and Sergio Perez on the second.

The race started with Verstappen on first, followed by Leclerc, Perez and Sainz, which most can agree are some of the hottest names in the game at the moment, as they have been racing neck-to-neck for the entirety of this year. Near the beginning, Perez got the best of Leclerc, while Sainz made contact with Ricciardo in the first seconds of the race, and got stuck in the gravel.

Verstappen has been dominant throughout the whole race, making it his second ever grand slam. Leclerc was chasing after Perez intensively, in a somewhat desperate attempt to regain his previous position, which led him to making a mistake, doing a 180° rotation and breaking his front wing. He lost some time with replacing the lost part, and then ended up in sixth position. This was the first one-two finish for Red Bull since 2016 in Malaysia.

Additional notes: Lewis Hamilton seems to be having a hard time adjusting to the new 2022 cars, and it’s quite sad to see the person with whom Verstappen was competing for world champion in 2021 end up on the 13th position, and Verstappen being one whole lap in front of him.

On May 1st we commemorated the death of Ayrton Senna, triple world champion, who died at Imola due to an accident.

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