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Delia Gabriela But, 9F

Students have many interests, and one of them is languages. I'm sure many students in our school have this hobby and want to learn a new one! ln this new Spanish Club, they won't just learn a new language, but they will make lifelong friends. Spanish school clubs enable students to learn about the Spanish language, culture, and history outside the classroom. Their purpose is to further the members' love for the Spanish language and introduce them to different aspects of the Hispanic culture through food, art, and entertainment.

The club provides students with an opportunity to get acquainted with different backgrounds to practise speaking Spanish, socialise with each other, participate in club activities, and develop a strong bond with like-minded individuals. The culture of the different Spanish-speaking countries will be presented and discussed, so students can learn about other cultures and lifestyles.

Therefore, the Spanish Club promotes cultural awareness and understanding through creative way s,seeks unity in diversity, and motivates students to do their best academically, socially, and on a personal level. I think having a Spanish club in our school is a good idea because it will challenge students academically and help them expand their horizons!

Nowadays, students struggle to learn a new language, socialise, make friends, and speak in public due to the fear of being bullied, hence the need for a safe place where they feel comfortable doing such things. The Club doesn’t have to be coordinated by a teacher, students will have the challenge to coordinate this!

If you are interested in joining such a club, contact us - we'll make your wishes come true!

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