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Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Despite the scorching temperatures in July and August, several students from our town most surely know what they want! They know their dreams, follow them tenaciously and achieve performances that amaze us all. In international competitions with tens of thousands of international candidates, when the results are announced, the students from "Moise Nicoară" are in the top echelon – they were also the first students from Romania who were able to take these exams.

The elite European, British and Asian universities (world top 100) follow the old example of all high schools, and respectively American universities by suggesting and accepting as a standard of performance criteria the AP (Advanced Placement) exams for all candidates who want to be accepted in these prestigious institutions. They choose from the list of exams those that are related to the candidate’s desired major at the university.

"After a long and very tedious bureaucratic process, CNMN obtained approval to conduct and administer these tests within the institution, this year choosing subjects that are not taught in Romanian education, a clear reflection of motivation and good holistic preparation of the young participants. The subjects from which candidates can choose are numerous; registration is done from September onwards - we suggest as soon as possible - and the exam takes place in May" - adds the director of the CNM, prof dr Diana Achim.

“These exams have been offered in the USA for decades; the student chooses the subjects he or she wants to pass in the framework of university admission, subjects related to the profile of the chosen major. Thus, in addition to the advanced level English language certificates (Cambridge - CAE, IELTS) indispensable for enrolling in English-language specializations in EU countries, Great Britain, the USA, and Asia, students can choose from a long list of specialized subjects that prove to the committee admission of the profile they want that the place allocated to the candidate is deserved. The score obtained constitutes the exact assessment of knowledge in that field/subject, through a standardized test (grid, essay) with video/audio supervision, given on the same day, to candidates from all the countries around the globe, on the same hourly sample", says Prof. Dr. Vanda Stan, Head of the English language department at CNMN.

"We are convinced that the coming years will bring an even greater number of students from our college and from any other college in the country who want to pass the AP exams required by the most prestigious universities in the world," continues headmaster Achim Diana.

The coordinator of the American program taken over by European, British and Asian universities, Prof. Dr. Vanda Stan, points out that, "this year, 395,000 students from all over the world participated in the AP exams for admission to elite universities.”

“The subjects for which students are provided with free training courses made by American teachers, after registering for the exam, are (in alphabetical order): Art and Design, 2-D Design, Art and Design 3-D, Art and Design: Drawing, Art History, Biology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, Chinese Language and Culture, Computer Science A, Computer Science Principles, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, Environmental Science, European History, French Language and Culture, German Language and Culture, Government and Politics (Comparative), Government and Politics (US), Human Geography, Italian Language and Culture, Japanese Language and Culture, Latin, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Music Theory, Physics 1: Algebra-Based, Physics 2: Algebra-Based, Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism, Physics C: Mechanics, Psychology, Spanish Language and Culture, Spanish Literature and Culture, Statistics, US History, World History: Modern”. The duration of the exams is, depending on the subject, between 2-3 hours/exam,” adds Professor Vanda Stan.

"There is the possibility to choose 1-3 subjects, depending on the specialization you choose at university. Registrations start in September every year and exams are held in May, with global results announced in July in the USA and online, in time so that all universities make correct decisions about the candidates they will admit.”

A highly accurate comparative statistic that highlights the percentage of candidates from around the world who passed the exam in a certain subject and the value percentage in which they fall, depending on the score obtained (between 1-5 where 5 is the highest score/mark large) - you can find it at:

Our pride for the results of the students from CNMN was huge, given that they obtained scores that ranked them at the top of the lists in the subjects (even not taught in Romania) and in, probably, the most difficult subject, GOVERNMENT INSTITUTION AND GLOBAL COMPARATIVE POLICIES, the scores were perfect, the highest possible, which the vast majority of American students did not achieve.

Excerpts from the opinions of candidates who took the exam:

Laura Preda, 12 A - AP Comparative Government and Politics

Preparing for college admissions is a long and complex process, and the competition imposed by the top universities they aim for requires even greater effort. I chose to take the AP Comparative Government and Politics exam both to lay the groundwork for comparative politics and to secure the foundation of a record worthy of consideration by top admissions experts.

The exam consists of two parts: 55 grid questions and four free-response topics, each with several sub-items. The final score ranges from 1 to 5, demonstrating different levels of skill in this area. The difficulty level of the 2022 subjects was beyond expectations, being more difficult than the preparation tests available in various books or on the internet. However, the intensive preparation over the summer made the subjects accessible and secured me the maximum score of which I am very proud, especially since the statistics of the American admissions board show that only 12.1% of the tens of thousands of candidates who took the test chosen by me (including all American candidates in the 11th grade) obtained the maximum score, i.e. 5.

Preparation for this exam, although demanding, was greatly facilitated by the materials available on the official AP website. The exam material was well organized and divided into lessons and learning units, which were explained in detail in videos made by American teachers. And the fact that in my school, the only one in Romania, I had the opportunity to take this exam was a unique opportunity for which I am extremely grateful. Also from Moise Nicoară, I had the opportunity to participate and win a world prize at the International English Language Olympiad (Italy, Venice, 2021) and to be part of the EYP (European Youth Parliament), which opened up unexpected horizons for me.

Marc Moț, 12 B – AP Computer Science Principles

The AP exam came as a surprise for me, as I found out about its approval for Romania, in Arad at the "Moise Nicoară" National College, only a month before it took place. Until this year, all the European / American / Asian super league faculties required AP exams in the field of the future specialization, in addition to the English ones (CAMBRIDGE, IELTS which I had) but in Romania they were not offered.

Preparing in such a short interval did not raise any problems for me. I decided to take the AP because I know it's the perfect opportunity to demonstrate my computer science knowledge on a standardized test that all 11th graders around the world participate in, a global competition that reveals the true value of each, so that I can advance my application to the elite colleges in England by competing with tens of thousands of other people from all over the world. How else can I prove to the admissions committees that I have the level of the best applicants in the world? The baccalaureate diploma comes more than 6 months after applying to college when I still have nothing to prove my knowledge.

The Computer Science Principles exam, which I chose, covers the subjects from the 9th and 10th grades, the exercises are theory grids and pseudocodes, and the second AP exam the Computer Science exam only has questions from Java, which unfortunately is not part of the Romanian curriculum, but the time interval between registration and the exam date should be enough to acquire the necessary knowledge to pass the exam with flying colours. If the universities I want to apply to ask me for it, I will probably give it as well, given the fact that I understand that my opponents have taken this subject in high school and I have to prove an identical level if not quite better.

Claudia Popa, 12B - AP Comparative Government and Politics

The AP exam is a great opportunity to learn and then prove your knowledge with a degree that is recognized anywhere in the world in the world's top 50 universities. This is what led me to take this exam in the first place, even though I didn't know much about what it entailed at the time.

I chose AP Comparative Government and Politics (Comparative Global Government Policies), a subject that I had to learn almost from scratch. It sounds intimidating, but I had everything I could need: a very good book from the Princeton Review where everything was explained simply, step-by-step, with illustrations and exercises in each chapter, plus a plethora of free online resources from American examiners.

The workload is high, but your job as a student is greatly simplified if you read the tips on the official website and watch the video lessons there, recorded by teachers selected by the College Board. Their advice even includes how to make a study plan that works for you. Everything you need is provided to you on the platform. The subject was interesting and provided me with valuable and up-to-date knowledge that will definitely be useful later in college. It helped me understand a lot about the global political climate and the different political systems within it.

The exam itself is not easy. After covering all the material, it is necessary to do as many simulations as possible to get used to the questions and have an essay that will get a high score. This part is the most difficult because it requires you to use the material you have learned, to apply it to certain political contexts, not only to recite what you have learned. Here you develop certain skills such as critical thinking, correct interpretation of what certain political specialist texts want to say, etc.

To conclude with, the AP exam was worth all the effort I put in, not only for the degree that will open many avenues for my international admissions but also for the knowledge I gained along the way. You have no way of applying for a place at a world-leading university, the profile diplomacy - political science - international relations, if you do not know political science and political systems compared to their characteristics, human rights, if you do not speak English perfectly (I have taken the 2 international exams required) and if your general culture is reduced to the sterile desire to be accepted at the university of your dreams, without any effort.

Bianca Balaș, 12 B - AP Computer Science Principles

I saw taking the AP Computer Science Principles exam as an opportunity for my future development in the field of computer science, but also as the only opportunity to prove my skills in competition with tens of thousands of other students from around the globe who also want to study Computer Science at university. The elite universities in this field want to see where you stand in an international competition, held on the same day around the globe, a standardized timed test, after which they can easily decide whether you deserve a place in the specialization desired in their university.

The support materials (video courses) on the American platform were of the greatest help to prepare for the final exam, being very explicit and easy to follow. Later, I did countless simulations and tests that strengthened my confidence that I would not have difficulties in the exam.

AP exams are important and necessary for the portfolio of any student who wants to attend a top university abroad, access to the rest is relatively simple.

Jessica Pincotan, 12F - AP English Language and Composition

I wish to apply for the International Studies with China Studies double major both in Europe and the UK and in Asia. I think it opens countless paths for me in politics, diplomacy, university teaching, etc.

There is no doubt that the AP Language and Composition experience has increased the degree of competitiveness, especially in the field of English (Language and Composition), considering that the scores are increasing every year. I encourage those who want to achieve true performance and those who want to increase their skills in both rhetoric and critical thinking to approach this experience without which you have no way to prove your skills and competences at the level of the largest universities in the world, after facing tens of thousands of other students with similar dreams in a specialized exam.

Only through this you can position yourself in the international lists of students in your chosen field. For me, Language and Composition represented the challenge that combines the study and analysis of discourse, creative writing and dialectics, placed in two perspectives: that of the audience and the speaker. Why is it important? Despite the fact that many would limit rhetoric to political discourse, it is essential to understand the cultural sphere. Social sciences, fine arts, religion, journalism, digital media, fiction, history, cartography and architecture, along with the more traditional fields of politics and law, make up the sphere of culture that is permeated by rhetoric.

Thus, the AP exam promises a journey that is accompanied by performance and internationality, exposing you to a series of multicultural topics that are passed through the filter of critical reading and critical writing elaborated in the academic environment.

Olga Moraru, 12 C - AP Macroeconomics

It has been my dream for many years, to be admitted to a world-leading university that I have been following non-stop since the 9th grade, to be able to do my bachelor's and master's studies in business management and international business there. Year after year I have seen how the demands increase, the competition is fiercer, and the required academic level is, at first glance, impossible to achieve. I have spoken to many business people and I understand that in the real world, with which we students now have little contact, it is not enough to show a degree in Management or Business, real knowledge and managerial skills come with international experience, from interaction with international institutions and companies, increasingly attentive to the interlocutor's studies, to his knowledge, certified by diplomas of the highest rank.

Even though my age has not yet given me enough opportunities to have a rich experience in this regard, I understand, reading non-stop, that the coming times will be very difficult and that only the latest knowledge and work in the network of entrepreneurs and businessmen top will be the solution. I believe that most small and very small companies will disappear in the tumult of the coming years and I understand that only the expertise of the best universities in the world will give me the chance of a successful career. I had taken my English exams, the first ones required, but the SAT and AP etc. were imperatively required. I chose AP Macroeconomics, finding out very late that I can give them in the country, I couldn't take AP Microeconomics as well. I gave it all in this hot summer and equally, I did international courses to qualify me for the competition with tens of thousands of other candidates, future high school graduates who want to become businessmen, managers, entrepreneurs, etc. The top universities require these exams, the others just want to register and pay the fees.

It was hard, it was beautiful, it was worth it because at the end of the 11th grade I was a dreamer who saw herself as a businesswoman, now I have the same foundations as all the students of the best schools in the world, I took the same exams related to business (AP Macroeconomics, SAT) that they also took and I feel entitled due to the scores obtained to hope for one of the places at the university of my dreams, I deserve it. Now I understand why an admission committee of one of the world’s top 5 universities cannot make a fair and transparent selection if all the candidates (thousands and thousands) do not participate in the same standardized exams, do not present the score obtained in the same exams, these being the only correct way of evaluating those who really deserve a place in an institution of huge global prestige that will influence your whole life.

The AP exams will be available to take in May of 2023 as well. The last day of registration for the 2023 AP exams is the 16th of November 2022.

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